AI Gore

Sometimes referred to as Goracle, Al Gore is more likely to influence climate change than any other politician. In 2006, he released a film “The Truth That Cannot Be Ignored” and later won two Best Documentary Albums and Best Original Song Awards. Despite many scientific mistakes, the film still has a great impact. He recently published a book, The Choice, which has almost no acceptance of his previous work. Gore is often criticized because he strongly refuses to debate anyone about the science of climate change, and he has repeatedly claimed that “the debate is over”, “science has been resolved” and the scientific community has reached a “consensus.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Republican governor of California. As governor, he has been very active in tackling climate change. He signed Resolution No. 32: The Global Warming Solutions Act was signed into law requiring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. He tried to raise California’s awareness of climate change and provided some videos and maps highlighting the impact of sea level rise on California. Schwarzenegger delivered a speech to the United Nations on the importance of climate change and was one of the many American politicians who traveled to Copenhagen to promote an international agreement to limit greenhouse gases.

Harry Reid

Harry Reid is a senior senator from Nevada and is currently the leader of the majority party. Reid supports legislation to address climate change. He told reporters in 2007 that part of the fire in California was caused by global warming, although he later downplayed his remarks. He supports the Senate version of the Limits and Transactions Act.