Many celebrities have bought the AGW hypothesis hook, line, and sinker. No one is more vocal than the Hollywood elite at raising awareness about climate change.

Alanis Morissette

For millions of years, changes in the Earth’s climate have been driven by natural forces. But in the past century and a half, the average temperature of the Earth has risen faster than at any time in the past 10,000 years. The consensus in the scientific community is that most of the changes are driven by us. ” – Documentary from PBS, Global Warming: Signs and Science “You know, some people still say that ‘global warming doesn’t need to pay attention to us. If it happens, this is a natural trend, we can’t do anything.’ But now there is solid evidence that warming is not only true but in Accelerate.” – From the PBS documentary “Global Warming: Signs and Science”

Danny Glover


Danny Glover is an actor and activist. He is currently known for his statement that the failure of the Copenhagen summit led to the earthquake in Haiti. Or something similar. Watch the video below and try to find out what he means.


“Because of global warming, all of them [island countries] are at risk; they are at risk due to climate change. When we see what we did at the Copenhagen climate summit, this is a response, this is what happened. Things, do you know what I am talking about?”